How To Format Write Protect Memory Card

How to remove write protect  easily

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In this post you can find out or learn How to Remove a write protect Memory card. If you follow our tips so you can Format your Memory Card or Pen drive easily.


How To Format Write Protect Memory Card

What is write protect ?

Write Protect is a very strong problems in your memory card or Pen drive.

Memory card is a portable short capacities device.

The memory card or pen drive is use for short storages about 1GB-128GB or more.

Nowadays Memory card have many capacity. We can use memory card for safe or save our personal and professional data. We can send  or receive or carry any data in anywhere. We can use Memory card for our smart phone’s for many reasons.

But also we want to save or store our personal data (Very Important) in Memory card.

But when you see “Your Memory card is write protect” this time you feel very Worst .


This time you feel “your heart is Blocked “ for this important data.


This time you can’t copy or delete any kinds of data. But also you do not format your memory card.

When you want to format your memory card, so you can see a dialogue box “Memory Card is write protect, Please remove write protect first”. What a Irritant thing?

A Memory Card price is very cheap but you data is very important. You can’t get back your data of any cost.

How To Format Write Protect Memory Card Easily

If you want to Remove the write protect, so please follow our easy steps.


  1. At first download a small software . This software’s size is too small but work is unbelievable !!!!


Download this software here USBWriteProtect.exe


  1. After downloaded this software please unzip it……..


  1. Please insert your Memory card using Card reader.


4 . Open the USBWriteProtect.exe software.


When you open this software you can see many options.

See it below ……….

Write protect remover 2016


You can see your memory card here .

See it below .

Write Protect Remover

Step 5 :  This step you can unlock or remove write protect from your Memory card or PenDrive.

If  you do it very carefully so you can remove write protect easily.

If you want to Remove Write Protect, Please click on “Disable” for remove write protect.

See details in the picture ……..

Write Protect Remover

Then close this program. Please eject your Memory card or PenDrive with “safely”


Insert again your Memory Card in your computer , now you can do everything easily such as Copy any data , delete any data, and format your Memory card.

You can do fun with your Friends using this software.You can easily enable or disable “Write Protect” his/her Memory card.

Now enjoy it !!!!

At last  a free advice to you , if your any data is very or most important for you

So please keep backup of your data in Dropbox or gmail store. This is a safe storage for everybody.

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