What Is Bad Sector ?

What is bad sector ?

Bad sector is a very harmful virus in Hard Disk. If the virus Enter in your Computer or Laptop Hard disk so you can face many problems. Your computer do work or run very slow.

When you want to start you computer , you can look …… your computer starting is very slow !!! I think everybody feel Bothersome !! You can look many options when you Computer is open . Need enough time to open or start you computer.

How many time see your computer is verifying hard disk, CHKDSK verifying, Press ESE to skip etc etc .

How is bothersome problem !!!!

When your computer is opened with Grievous but you can’t work properly . What a worst problem !!!!

If you want to do any work in your Computer, Generally you can refresh your computer then you click on Mouse’s right button what you see…….

If you press right button now , so you can see right button options after 30 sec-45 second to see the dialogue box…………

What is bad sector

What a Bothersome problem ??

If you want to Remove Bad Sector On Your Computer , please Click here to see details.

Now I want to explain how can your Computer affected by the Bad Sector.

How To Enter Bad Sector In Your Computer ?

Now I want to tell you how many reasons your computer effete by the Bad sector.

  1. Operation System :

Operation system is very important for Computer or Laptop.

If you don’t reinstall your operation system about 3-4 mouth , so bad sector get Chance to effete your Computer. If you don’t want to like the bad sector so reinstall your operating system every month.

  1. Virus Protection: Virus Protection is very essential for every Computer. Nowadays available many Antivirus .Such as Avast , Mcafee, Avira, Northon etc antivirus for better protection. If you use these antivirus so you can safe not only for Bad sector but also any kinds viruses. Scan your Computer all Drives everyday to better protection. If you don’t use any antivirus so your computer is affect by the bad sector.
  1. Defragmantion : Defragmantion is helpful to protect hard disk or Drive viruses, bad sector , fast working etc. If you don’t Defragmantion your all hard drive so your Computer will affect by the bad sector.
  1. Disk Cleanup : It is a part of your Computer to keep Hard Disk or Drive clean or faster. Some of people don’t use this. But it is a big change to Enter bad sector in your Hard Disk.
  1. Disk Checking :

Disk Checking is a very important part to help to work fast your Computer. Don’t use  Disk Checking tools so your Computer is risky for Bad Sector and others viruses.

  1. Free Space :

Proverb, When you eat full stomach you must be face to stomach problem .Our computer is like to our stomach , if you do not keep free space or blank at last 5% so your computer is risky for any virus.

So please try to keep blank space about 5% from every Hard Drives.

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