Speed Up Your Computer

How to Speed Up Your Computer

I have a computer or laptop .It running very slow from the last week. So how can make my computer more faster?


This is a common question in every computer user. Your computer is automatically run very slow after one or two month later of Windows operating system installation.


Now I want to share in this content how to speed up your computer.

How To Speed Up Your Old Computer Easily

We can do this work easily without any software. But we can also do this work using some software’s.


In this post we can learn how to speed up our computer without any software. Just do some tricks.

So please follow this post very carefully to do this work and make your computer more faster without new operating system installation.


Free Space-

Free space is help to fast working on our computer. So you have need to must be 15%+ free on your all hard drive. Other site put about 25%+ free on your windows operating system drive or system disk. It help us to work faster in computer. This drive is C: drive. So make blank space on the C: drive for fast working your computer. If you make enough blank space on the C: drive so you can get better result for any kinds of work. So always try to keep at last only 20%+ free space in all hard drives. It help to make or computer very faster.



Your computer is running very slow so use antivirus for delete viruses.

Antivirus help us for protect our computer form any kinds of viruses. If your computer is working very slow so install a strong antivirus on your computer. After installation scan your computer all hard drive for delete viruses. When the antivirus detected any kinds of viruses this time you have need to delete all viruses. Then restart your computer. After restart your computer this time I think your computer is working more faster before antivirus installing. So regularly scan your computer for protect any viruses and get more speed your computer.


[Note: Scan your all hard drive everyday using strong antivirus for get better result.]


Disk Checking-


Every windows operating system you can get a important option. This is disk checking. Disk checking help us to make our computer more faster . Other side Dick checking protect the harmful bad sector. If you check your all hard drive using disk checking option so your computer work very fast. So regular using this system for better result .



This is most important tools for keep clean your all hard disk drive. If you Defragment your all hard drive so you can see your hard drive condition. You can see your hard drive “Estimated disk usages before defragmentation” and “Estimated disk usages after defragmentation” . “Analyze” and “Defragment” your all hard drive for make all hard drive faster .This tools help us to make our hard drive more then faster .When your hard drive work fast so you can do any work very fast in your computer. So regular use this tool..

When your defragmentation are complete so you can see below options.

  • Fragmented Files
  • Contiguous Files
  • Unmovable Files
  • Free Space


Disk Cleanup-

Use this tools regular for clean your hard drives. It is also help us to make our hard drive more then faster. So regular use this tool for better result.


Remove Unnecessary software’s-

Many time I can see maximum people install Unnecessary software’s on there computer. If you install high quality or strong quality software these software make our computer very slow. But when you have need these software’s so install this time and remove or uninstall after complete your work. So as soon as possible remove or uninstall these software for make your computer very faster.


If you follow this all rules so you can make your computer more then faster without reinstalling operating system and others software’s.


Thanks to read this article!

So at last a proposal to you stay with us to get many important tips or tricks about computer and laptop.

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