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Setup Photo Computer Properties.How To Set Own Photo In Computer Properties. Setup Photo Computer Properties. Set Computer Properties Photo Easily. I hope every body very well by grace of God .In this post I want to discuss an interesting trick. You can easily able to add your own Photo/Picture in your computer Properties. If you do not know this trick, so this post is only for you. You can set your own photo in computer Properties easily. No need to thinking for any extra hardware or software. No require any programming language to setup own picture in your computer properties. Just read this post carefully. Then able to change/ set computer Properties Photo easily.

How Setup Photo Computer Properties Easily

You can get this trick from this article. Now I gone to tell this procedure step by steps. So try to read this post carefully to Set your own Photo in Computer Properties (Set Own Photo In Computer Properties).
Before I share this procedure or trick I just want to tell this trick is do not support in Window Xp. That’s means you can’t able to change or set your own photo in computer properties. See which kinds of windows operating system have this feature.

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

So these are the requirements windows operating system to change Computer Properties photo. If your computer have installed these types of windows operating system so you can easily do it. So see details below.

Requirements To Setup Photo Computer Properties (In computer Properties)



→No Need To Extra Software

→No need to install other operating system

→Read this post carefully

Now chose your photo, which photo you want to set in “Computer Properties”. Just edit this photo and must be make it “120*120” pixel and must be make this photo as a .BMP format. After creating the photo then see following procedure.

First Steps: First go to your C: drive. And open the “Windows” folder. Then open the “System 32” folder. Now open the “oobe” folder. Also see details below


Second Steps:

Now paste the photo which photo you have chosen for Set Photo in Computer Properties. Please remember the “File Name” of your favorite .bmp format photo.

Third Steps:

Now go to run and type “REGEDIT”. Then hit Enter button from keyboard or click on ok button.

Fourth Steps: When you get the “Registry Editor” window then click Go to following Procedure……HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OEMInformation

Now create a new value. Try to create a value as a “String” value. See also in the picture

Setup Photo Computer Properties

And give a name “logo”. Now press the mouse’s right button on the “logo” option (Which new value you created). And click on “Modify”. Then copy and paste the following item on this value Data.


See details in the picture

How To Set Own Photo in Computer Properties

[Note:sankartmp.bmp replace your image name here]

Must be give correct name. Without correct name you can’t able to Setup Photo Computer Properties.

Finally close the window and refresh your computer. Now put your mouse pointer on “Computer” icon and press mouse right button. Then go to “Properties” and see!!

What can you see!! You are looking your own photo in computer properties. So you are known that and you can easily able to Setup Photo Computer Properties on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 computer.
But if you face any problem to Setup Photo Computer Properties so fell free to contact us via comment box. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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