How to enable or disable Task Manager

Hi guys , How are you ? I hope everybody very well. Today I want to discuss about “ How to lock or disable windows Task manager.

In this post we learn about lock or unlock window task manager.

How to enable or disable Task Manager

You if want to do it , so you no need to learn about any programming languages.

How to lock/Unlock Task Manager .

Everybody know what is Task Manager? If you don’t know about task manager?

I have see many computer that’s disable Windows Task manager. Some of my friends use computer and laptop for their  profession. But some friends don’t know about Windows task manager. They are disturb me many times. They  ask me how to Enable task manager easily. Because they can’t do any work in task manager. But some of my friends request to me how to enable or disable Windows task manager.
Today I want to discuss about to both problems.

So I discuss again about task manager.

Task manager :

Task manager is a program in any operating system. Which contain many useful function .This function’s you can see many options.


I f you click in the taskbar, so you can see many options .

This is , Toolbar, Cascade Windows, Title Windows Horizontally, Title Windows Vertically, Show The Desktop, Task Manager, Lock The Taskbar and the Properties .

We can do many works using this.

If your Task Manager is enable , so you can do any work about task manager.

Such as Open any  programs , End Programs, Switch Programs, Computer Performance, Networking etc.


Click Here To See What is Task Manager ? And How It Works ?

If your Task Manager is enable automatically you can do many works. And If your task manager is Disable Task Manager By Administrator . So what can you do ?

Don’t worry ! I want to explain you how to lock or unlock Task Manger.
So Please follow my easy steps to lock or unlock Task Manger.

First Step:

Click start Menu and then click on run , Or Press Windows Key + R .

You can see the “run” Box . So please Type “Gpedit.msc” (With out the quote ) And Hit “Enter”.

See details below ………

Second Steps:

After hit Enter, you can see “Group Policy” dialogue box. Now where you see “user configuration” .Please Click on the user configuration.

More information See the picture…..

Third Steps: If you click on the user configuration menu, you can see three menu’s.

Follow the picture…..

Fourth Steps: Please click on “Administrator Templates” Under the user configuration menu.

                        See details in the photo…how to lock unlock Task Manager

Five Steps: This steps click on The “System”. If you click on “System”  menu , so you show many options . Please click on “Ctrl+Alt+Del Options”.

See the photohow to lock unlock Task Manager

Then click on Ctrl+Alt+Del options or see the picture below how to lock unlock Task Manager

Final Steps: When you click on “Ctrl+Alt+Del options” so you can see four others options . Finally double  click on “Remove Task Manager”. After Clicking “Remove Task Manager”, so you can show “Remove Task Manager Properties”. Then select on “Enabled” for lock the Task Manager. If you have lock your Task Manager By Administrator” so please select on “Not Configured” options for enable/Unlock your Task Manager.

See photo belowhow to lock unlock Task Manager

If you follow our steps so you can do it very easily.

Now enjoy it !!!!

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