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Delete Virus Without Any Software

How to delete any viruses without any software

How To Delete Virus Without Any Software

Hello dear readers , how are you ?

Welcome to our new post. In this post we learn how to delete viruses without any software. NO REQUIER ANY PROGAMMING LANGUAGE!


So come to the main point. I explain you how to remove or delete any viruses without any software. It is also a difficult things for newbie computer operator. But if you follow our easy steps you can delete viruses easily. You have needed just follow our all steps.


People use computer or laptops for personal and professional work. Every computer operator familiar about viruses.But everybody do not know how to protect viruses or how to delete harmful viruses. Some of people use antivirus for delete or remove viruses.

But they do not know how to delete or remove any viruses without any software.

This post is only for this people they do not know about using any antivirus.

Please see our previous post How to delete any viruses using Nero 6.

So please follow my easily steps.


If you feel your computer all hard drive  is affected by any viruses , but you have no any kinds of antivirus so what can you do “? It is very difficult to remove or delete any viruses from your computer. But if you see this content carefully so you can delete all dangerous viruses easily.

Delete Virus Easily Without Any Software

So come to the main point. Open your computer’s folders in Explore mode. If you generally follow this steps “Explore Mode” so any kinds of viruses can’t attack your compute by any chance.


When you open any folder or any Drive or Partitions in “Explore mode” you can see different window in another window. Everybody know this tricks. So please open your computer in Explore mode or follow this easy steps >>> go to Start menu >> Click on  “Control Penal” >> Switch to classic view>> Click on “Folder Options”. All this steps you can find in Window Xp(all version) operating system.


Now you can see many options on the Toolbar. This is “File, Edit, View, Favorite,Tools , Help . See details in the picture.


All the options is very important for any critical work. We can delete viruses to using the “Tools” tool.

At first click on the Tools from the toolbar for delete viruses. When you click on the tools menu, you can see four others submenus. This time we have need click on the “Folder Options” no need other three others submenus.


When you click on the “Folder Options” submenu under the tools menu, you can see a dialogue box. See details in the picture>>>>>>>>>>>

How To Delete Virus Without Any Software

This dialogue box is very important for View the viruses without any antivirus. When you get the “Folder Options” dialogue box , this next steps you need to click on “View” under the “Folder Options”  menu. This time you see many options in the View menu .


At first enable the “Show hidden files and folders” .Then you need to search “Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)”. When you get this find the option on the “Advanced Settings” options under the View menu .You can see the “Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)” is enabled by default. You need to disable it. When want to disable the “Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)” you can get a massage box. This time you need to click on ok or press “Enter” button. This time you need to disable it and click on “apply” and “ok”. Then refresh the opened folder.


Oh my god!! What is this??? We can see many hidden viruses without using any software!!!!

Now very carefully delete all viruses from each drive, no need to open any folders in any drive for delete viruses. If you delete all viruses from all drives so, you can’t see any viruses in any folders.

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Advance Thanks!


Updated: June 29, 2016 — 8:35 am

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  1. I find this pretty hard to believe. I recently got a virus that basically shut my lap top down. I was running Norton & Malware Bytes & I am told they cannot even protect from OR remove this particular virus or ‘worm’ or whatever. If Norton cannot get rid of, I doubt I can with no software

    1. Stay with our site.Thanks.

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